Son Hoyoung goes for an evil smirk. An angelic review with devil besides me part 1

I really have a headache. I had a tough time working on this review. Pardon me, i'm not boasting about hardworking but... it's really tough.

There's this book. I decide to write the review later since I've been busy for my study. I halt my eagerness in writing 2 review about books that I bought and read at same period. I wrote it at the same time (literally wrote not type) and starts to type it now. one review is out. it's Orizuka's book titled Infinitely yours and here's the 2nd book : Once Upon a love by Adhitia Yudis.

I have a hard time. why though? I bought those 2 books about 1-2 months ago, I finished 3 days after I bought those books and sadly, I can't remember all the scene in Once Upon A Love while Infinitely yours is clearly stayed on my mind.

Evil Mode: On

I'll Be GOD's Son HoYoung. A Smiling angel Idol from 1990's K-pop Generation who can smile while ask for break up. No i'm not going to break up with someone. It's just means I can be cruel while i'm.... smiling.

I really didn't know what kind of ghost possessed me when I decide to bought this book together with Infinitely yours. For Infinitely Yours, I've been curious since a long time but never insist to bought it until that day. But Once Upon A Love...? It's just a new book in new release corner. I didn't even curious about that novel. It's not my preference if we look at cover, storyline, author unless the publisher. If i don't get an Alzheimer today, The reason I clearly remember maybe just I found the price will make a good combination with Infinitely your. It makes the cost even. And also match with my wallet conditions :p

However going home with two books, I'm not being honest if I write that I'm not picked ounce upon A love as my first choice to read between those 2 books.

I Did Pick it. Once Upon A love first and Ta-Da, I finished it quickly. Approximately at dawn after I wake up accidentally. I'm immersed to Once Upon A Love (i'm getting tired typing the title, later will use OUAL) and using 3-4 hours nett for finishing this book.

Well, Finished it quick, stated that I enjoy reading this book, Nevertheless forgetting the story means I really disappointed.

Disappointed... maybe yes. as a comparison I can say that I bought those 2 books together, read it at 3-4 days straight, try to write the review together at same night and I Opened Infinitely yours just to find the exact quotes while for OUAL, I need it for... writing synopsis. It's quite a time and I need a hour for calling back those memories about reading the novel.

The Synopsis? Ah, I just need to remember that OUAL tell us about triangle love, 3 characters, 2 girls one boy. 1 girl and 1 boy make a couple, I got in jealousy but can do nothing. After sometimes, the couple broke up, the girl hook into another boy, the boy still caught in the past while the other girl still dreaming to get this boy. getting older, they want to keep in contact. But the problem is, the boy want to make a contact only if his past girl comes in, while the other girl don't even want to think about it. They broke up for some stupid reason and the boy just want to try to come back into their relationship.

As A writer,there's a possibility about being greedy in making surprising twist for appealing the readers. However, making twist also implied that the author taking a risky choice of his/her works.

It reminds me something. I usually having a discussion with my friends after watching some dramas. we just feel that our ego wants to make the story like this and that want the part of story change into this and that. and after some thoughts, we'll feel that if our ego is being realized, then the dramas will end only at two episodes. max 6 if the director dragged it for a looooong exaggerated story. we create a fail twist for the drama, And I'm lucky the writer don't think like us.

Then, what's the relation with this review?

Well, if you guess OUAL had a fail twist, then I congratulate you for being a mind reader *slapped in the face*

why though?

I can tell you that this story is about triangle love which normally ends with 2 being couple one die or have another happy live out there or having another boy. that's what we expect to get from this type of story.

Sashileun, i can being greedy by ends it with no one get a relationship. this will do... for short story not novels, unless you can put morals that really really logic and rational for that decision.

I mean it. Who want's to read hundred more pages of typical romance that tell us about fighting to get a heart but ends with nothing. 6-8 pages will do, But a hundreds? At least you want your character got something. OUAL is really cruel, The 3 leads got something called nothing and I frustrated. Thank you.

I've read miss (or mrs maybe :p) Adhitia Yudis previous works called Mendamba and put my review in here. I didn't tell about how I disappointed about its climax there since I got to borrow it from the publisher :p Concluding for two books that I read from Miss (or Mrs) Adit's works seems like she got a problem in controlling viewers's peak of emotions into her story. Sorry for being rude, but that's what I feel.

Another problem exists, I guess you have to kill me for your timeline that separated only by those similar looking fonts which differ only by some little narrowness. I'm confused for your timeline and I just realized it that the fonts are different when you travelling back into time after.... I wrote this review. yes, thanks to those shitty fonts.

I Really don't prefer a reading materials when I encountered a-back-to-previous-page-for-getting-to-know-what-this-page-is-all-about. And I do it when I read Once Upon A love.

Sorry, i'm just dissapointed. I have a right for my preference, haven't I?