Oneuldo............. In Fiction.

Mirror-Mirror on the wall,

It's me, do you remember?

This night I'd like to speak randomly. just thinking. have you ever dreams of something really impossible? I know you can't speak, just... listen.

I have a random thought. just like some people dreaming about how to turn into opposite sex of yours. it's so random. no, please don't think i'm a pervert. a guy always dreams to be a girl so that he can go to some-private-place-for-girl. I'm not like that for sure. it's just, when I'm a girl... I can have oppa.

by the way do you know oppa? it's how korean female address her lover or her older male who has a close relationship with them.

Now, I just can be an oppa, and even a connection between hyung-dongsaeng in this country is not like in seoul. the warmth is different.

just a random thought dear mirror.

My Lord Mirror, to be honest do you know why? or do you want to know why?

today... I got a chance to read a novel. it's Orizuka and Lia Indra Andriana's Works called Oppa and I. it's a light reading material. as light as the book itself.

I found it fun. Jae In- Jae Kwon. My mind goes all around to a sit-com named All My love with Jo Kwon and Ga In casted as a siblings. a male character with a cheerful type and female character who act bluntly. they also have similar name right? JaeIn-GaIn and JaeKwon-JoKwon. I'm smiling remembering how I watch Adams Couple in past.

page by page, as far as I reading, I always smiling. I'm imagining if I talk to Jae In, will she said "Neo Jugeosseo?" to me. it can be translated as "do you want to die?" I also want to tease SeungWonnie, " No, Jaein, joayo?" or just make JaeKwon angry "Ya! Ukkijima. JaeIn seungwon. kkeut."

I'm weird yes, i guess i am.

but do you know, mostly people afraid to kill and saying do you wanna die is just an excuse to the person he/she close with?

it shows any warmth.. for me. I know the world is going crazy day by day, but, who wants to kill his/her own twins siblings if she angry because he didn't contact her for five years? kill is just an excuse.

Family, friendship, brother-sister relationship,

High school love,

it's a time when you feel warmth growing inside in a life. it's a phase when you still find anything is fun... and you want to turn back time and paused there with your lover and friends.

i'm feeling it. a person who can deny time. "ukkijima". People will say that to me. yes! I know. I understand. I'm not at an age to dreaming about superpower. arayo. algenni.

do you know what's the best of Oppa and I?

Mirror. If I'm God, I surely will join Orizuka and Lia to make JaeIn and Jae Kwon separated again. Do you know how much i like to see those two showing affection by expressing anger to each other. I have million plots on how to separate them.. and I will happily be a God-that-replacing-them-in-a-situation-so-that-they-can-realize-their-love-towards-each-other.

Sequel or Prequel, I have plenty of ideas that surely can be executed well into this stories. it's because the story itself is fun. the story that can help the readers to imagining many things related to the story and build a light story about the character. a simple story with strong characters that make you curious to read while smiling.

Oppa and I surely a worth reading material. do you know how much I smile while i read this? A L-O-T.

Nevertheless, you know what mirror? I found something bothering too. an unfinished ending. I feel pity to JaeKwon for his ending. and a whole conflict is finished in a flash.

The korean writing sometimes bother me too, since the author usually used p instead of b (for example pangapseumnida) or k instead of g (for example keunyang). I' learning korean as 'P' is formed by double 'B' and 'K' formed by double 'G', even if it reads as 'p' or 'k' it still written in 'B' and 'G' except for the real 'k' and 'p' or when they write a name. a little bit different with i've been learned about so it's bothered me.

And I also find the situation where Sa Ra and Ha neur comes to JaeIn 's house. I found that usually a house or apartment in seoul locked by electronic device. especially if the Area is GangNam (it's like an elite area in Seoul), i wonder why JaeIn's house didn't has it. it stated that JaeIn Lazily open the door even without looking at who's coming from the door. it's like a not match culture from my standpoint...

a little bit loss but it's not bothering a whole story.

anyway I found this book fun, so I guess I need to talk about it to you dear mirror.

And I also need a place to share about my weird thoughts, while dreaming.

maybe, i can live like a drama like what been told in this novel.

maybe I can be a great oppa.

or maybe i'll have an another Life?

or maybe I just have it. Oneuldo.... in fiction.

*closing the stories while listening to Beast's Fiction*