Two is Better Than One. In A Different Way.

Once in 2011,

I Live to an expectation of one name : Donny Dhirgantoro.

Have you read 5 cm? yes! after 5cm, bang Donny comeback to the bookstore with his 2nd book titled 2. it's been a looong looong time since it released.

I bravely going with an expectation based on the author names.

2 is the title of the novel. The red covered book, with reddish story since you will know what it means to have a hope and fight for it till the last blood dropped.

2 bercerita tentang seorang Gusni Annisa Puspita. in a way where she wants to fight, to eradicate what doctor said, to break people expectation and to swap her family tears. She just want to live happily. She brave enough to love, and will love bravely.

She's ordinary in an extraordinary way.

She born with her specialty. live specially, and fight specially.

I never set a-book-about-fighting-a-diseases as my preference since it's too cruel to expose the victims of the diseases. However, this reddish cover slap me in my face.

it's like sincerely says "Open up your eyes. telling diseases not always means to expose bad thing. You have to learn!"

And that's what I got.

a story about Gusni who born specially and live always with hospital-doctor-and medicine at any points wants to do sports. almost impossible, but you have to try to see how this little girl live and fight optimistically.

and telling me two points that I have to had now.

first is about how to love your country.

and the second is what is purity in love.

This book majority tells us about Gusni and her family. How the story begins with the DOB day when God send Gusni to her parents. bringing up facts. How her family find facts about her, hate her, protect her, love her. Until the day she wants to share those love back to her Family, Her friends, her country and her lover.

Gusni love Badminton, although her physique couldn't afford it. She wants to do badminton and dreaming about going on a match with her older sister and fight for Indonesia with those health.

and Gusni told us, what it means to love someone. even she's not a mature-lady.

two thumbs up for those two points, eventough I have to deduct some points for old-years-preference-that-hardly-related-to-people-nowadays. Bang Donny comes with a set from 1986 to 2005 which not satisfy and match with most of readers now. deducted some points for that.

anyway. Two is still better than one: 5cm. when you try to see it and finish it. it just gives a difference story, a different way to uproar your nationalism. and teach you how to love, person.. or your country.