I'm not Salmon Lovers, I love eating at Warteg. An angelic review with devil besides me part 2

I got upset today. I want to buy Believe by Morra Quatro, Orizuka and Lia's Oppa and I and also Manusia Setengah Salmon by Raditya Dika. just, try to saving penny by penny and finally I got a day to but a book. I set my priority like I serialized those 3 books above and decide to buy Believe first. But, Gramedia's Computer Said that Believe's Stock is equals to... 0. *going crazy* *rolling on the floor*

And then I decided to bought Manusia Setengah Salmon.

I Love Radith's books and Marmut Merah Jambu at most because of its maturity. and hearing some comments saying that MSS is not as funny as his first book, I thought that MSS stay closed with Marmut Merah Jambu's genre.

I got it right, but I'm not satisfied.

I got curious since I enjoyed MMJ for its fun and serious story. Many of those-fangirl also stated that MSS is fun to read, they laughed a lot. And I also Found that some people said that MSS is so seroius. I .... Just hope MSS will going to be MMJ-like-story with an upgraded how-to-write.

And I found it... downgraded.

A total of 18 Section, I can give my opinion in each parts :

first :
for part 2,4,6,9,11,12,14,15,17 : Totally Not my preference. I hate it the most. I Skipped most of these sections. roughly just read some sentences and illustrations then going for another sections.

Part 1 : I Love How it Ends not How it Starts and in the middle of story.

Part 3 : I don't like how he put humor here. Too little. it's like just some minority sentences try to tweaks the story but end up eaten by other parts, the serious parts. Nevertheless the serious parts is lovely.. until before ending.

Part 5 : I still have a mistery about : "Rata-rata, Warga Jakarta rugi sekitar enam jam per hari karena macet, setara dengan 7 hari seminggu" what's the meaning of this part? a jokes? or a typo? i didn't get the meaning. However I'm satisfied with this section although a little bit dissapointed at first about the subject of story.

Part 7 : I LOLed hard at Lemon Soup story. and this is the time the author starts for a long writing for a sections. although it cut into some sub-sections. some works, some not.

Part 8 : I only love mid-to-end. not start to mid.

Part 10 : Got Boring... to long huh?
Part 13&16. I read it enthusiastically. Love this part.

Part 18 : A smooth for an ending. a little bith short so it feels rushed but clearly stated for a move on theme. I also love this parts.

8 versus 10. Love it vs Hate it.

A little bit disappointed for a pricey books.

Sometimes, being to good is also not good. I got this phrase from MSS and I can use it now. MMJ got better a lot, and I kind of having a high expectation for MSS and then falling from it.

well speaking of good, I got something too from this book. something different from Radith's previous 5 books. I found a lot of purity and sincerity of Raditya Dika among his relatives and families. We know that Radith often make fun of his friends of family which shows a lot affection actually from him to them. However, in this book, I found him more serious in delivering those affections.

I got touched reading that. Nevertheless, no one can get touched for many times at same periods, so, sometimes I feel touched and get tired only from reading this book. I feel like eating my favorite foods for straight 10 days, and then Gosen's Law applied into me. getting bored of it. I guess this also becomes why-i-didn't-enjoy-this book-much.

another, I can predict the jokes like blablablabalablablabla untung dia ga blablablabla atau bahkan kalau blablablabla. (like the parts when he tell us about how his mother always exaggerated everything , hopefully she didn't tell the doctor who cut my penis, cut it until it gets lost) and I'm sick of it. I can find it many of them in this book. the funny parts don't work for me, the twitter-type-jokes didn't works for me, then the serious parts which giving continuous slaps works for me. and then I'm full of it until I can bear any kind of slaps. then get bored. that's another why.

I can count, that I laugh only less than a hand fingers for this book. I didn't really get it. Maybe I grow up into people who loves eat at warteg while radith loves eat Salmon, or Radith grows up with his Salmon Jokes, While I can't afford Salmon. or it's just not my time for eating Salmon, I just have to eat at warteg. or maybe..... I'm not Salmon Lovers, I love eating at warteg, but they love Salmon. perhaps.

* a two stars come out from five stars*

I'm sorry for the editors and proof readers,or even the author.. But I got my right to dtated my clear opinion, right? ^^

*Still Hoping for a better next books*

.......................................ps: anyway anyone feels Dio's illustration getting different? and the script at the illustration becomes like Dio's not Radith's too :D