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Diam itu emas. Sayang, emas tidak bisa membatalkan keputusannya untuk say goodbye. Well, that's not the truth. To be exact emas tidak bisa membatalkan keputusan gue untuk say bye for good... to her.

"Karena Semuanya cuma Momen"

You said that Ray, you have to be sure that's only a moment. You stated that only a moment which are gue terbawa sama suasana di tempat yang bahkan gue gak familiar dengan bahasanya plus make it worse, this heartbroken situation. Situasinya membuat gue dan dia, a girl who doesn't look like 25 years old, Who I only bumped accidentally and broke her PSP,coincidentally become my partner in this sucks tour, who actually comeback to Seoul because of her ideal-type-man but she has to accompany me looking for this heartbroken crap cause. it's funny. She's not even my acquintance, only meet coincidentally however , I need to think hard to decide to say goodbye to her for good and I felt hard for it. Ray! wake up! only a moment Ray, remember that!

"Jatuh Cinta apa secepat itu Al. Gue enggak yakin."

mmm.. I'm not sure, it's too precious to called it only a moment since my heart beating more. I definitely have to say goodbye... for her good or.. mine. ----------------Rayan


Akhirnya gue mengerti mengapa wanita yang mau menikah harus dipingit. Mianhae, Yun jae Oppa.

It's been a while I first called him ahjoessi...
It's also been a while he told me that he didn't want someone who only differ by 3 years old called him ahjoessi..
It's been a while... but the journey will ends.. soon..

He's an oppa, I even don't know him unless he broke my psp which I treasured so much since I've been mastering the game for a long period. oh, i forget. add something : he's arrogant, ill tempered, naive, stiff, and... heartbroken.

He's so Naive. I mean it. Who actually wants to chase someone who broke up with us if the distance is not short, the location is even he didn't familiar with, he didn't know the language, and only come with a little piece of paper with an address of an apartment in Itaewon. He's so.. naive.

Pabo. Jeongmallo.

Wait! since when I concern much about him?

Michigesso. Nottemune.

make it worst, now, I even hate to see his back going far away from me. Weguressoyo Jingga? Jeongmal Michigesso!

Ahnimida, naega michigesso anio. Hoksi... Sarangeun? ------------- Jingga

That's my version of the synopsis for Orizuka's Infinitely Yours (2011, Gagas Media).

To be honest, knowing how Gagas Media selecting their will-be-published novel, I have more curiosity towards Gagas Media's novel who took place outside Indonesia. For me, getting feel for some place in Indonesia itself is not easy. In addition, when someone write for readers who never been to that place outside Indonesia, it surely make the author have to work harder.

That's why I gambled a lot in deciding to buy this Infinitely Yours by Orizuka. I believe in Gagas Media and look forward only in how the authors bring the readers sightseeing into her settings by her written sentences.

to be honest, maybe this is a the first time I found that Gagas Media's synopsis not as interesting as before. and the titled strongly give a statement that this is about traditional romance which tell a triangle love in some life.

Well, i've said I bet a lot in buying this. only curious in its settings while having a bad premonition about this and that. and the result says : I guess, i'm not losing my bet a lot. I did a little disappointed for buying this book however I also get some interesting lessons by reading this book.

Start with the plot, Infinitely yours surely not giving a-something-special-theme-for-its-storyline. it's not hard to find books that tell us about a girl who pursue her ideal type man but in her way, he fall in love with some-bad-man-criteria that she met coincidentally. A traditional romance which has Fate as a cupid. I will bet all my life to find many books with the storyline like this. Nevertheless, Orizuka did a little better than good job in locating and guiding the feel into its place in her sequence of works. When you read this so-typical-storyline, I, honestly, immersed in page by page of this book. More points added for the fact that this teen targeted novel surprisingly soo teenager in a mature way.

I bet a lot for Orizuka's settings and i'm a little bit below satisfied. she really did a good job in researching the place in Seoul etc, but since there's so many place to describe, it feels like some place described well while others not. I mean when some authors wrote only focused in one location the option will be like it or hate it, but when we add many locations it will ad another option : x%like + y% hate. Make it worst, how Orizuka set the place really tell us that she's never been there. it's a pity.

Nevertheless , I always enjoying a novels with feelings or had proper sequence with proper feel rather than somplicated-sophisticated storyline. Of course it'll be better if it got both, but if I had to choose one I pick feel for the number 1 priority. Uniqueness sure had more selling points, however feeling is the one who rule you when you read some books. that's what I thought, and I guess Infinitely yours had a proper feeling and sequence despite the typical storyline. And I enjoyed it. Gomapseumnida Orizuka ssi.



ps: one more review to add.. i've finished wrote it last night and still lazy to type it... later post.. ppyong!


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