When I was writing about you

People live with many separation.

I lived in twenty-something years with some people coming and going inside my life. Yes, any separation means another gate opened for a new meeting.

I'm not talking about 'significant others' if you refer to lovers. i'm talking about generally people around you.

Friends, family, neighbor, or maybe in my case... mentor.

I've never been so upset in any separation since, we're actually just few meters away. Or maybe if it's far enough there's always a technology that can make you connected to.

Well in this case, in my case, Everything still the same. The technology is exists. the distance is not far away. it's just I don't want to separate now.

I hate the feeling of separation with someone that i'm comfortable with. even-though i know that we still able to communicate. Everyday life. we'll always Going home by our-self  but when the separation word emerged the 'going home by our-self' will be different. The word "see you tomorrow" seems like turned into.... Goodbye. And we're not going to meet again.

That's not necessarily true, but... It will stuffed me enough

I still haven't spend much time and ...... i'm staying here left behind.

I know why. and I'm 100% agree in his leaving, and it's also a pleasure to hear he's comfortable enough in the new place. it's just my ego stuffed me with a feeling that i still want to spend time learning together.

Why i'm not being much? If I seek a job for a long time, get a job that actually i don't know anything about and he's the one that 'push me to this darkness' (that's what i always said to him) and I.... even happy getting pushed by him.

I don't know anything, he's the one that taught me.

I have final exam, he's the one that tutoring me.

I still had to learn he's the one that I asked and giving me any answer.

I got assignment because of him.

I got a task and he help me,

I guess I got too much comfortable with him.

is it to much? Yes.

However, that's me, when i'm comfortable with someone. 

I haven't say enough thank you for him. and haven't spend much time or even being in team member-leader relationship.

I feel really grateful getting a good seonbaenim* that i even comfortable in sharing anything. I haven't say much thank you, not even a help and only being a bother in his busy-timeline. I don't say much, but I just hope that he knows that i enjoy spending time with him and hopes it won't bother him. I still hope he becomes my team lead or partner or even my manager later on.

I also hope that we can meet in one project later on. Working as a team.

Since it still a wish, not even a granted wish, i'm disappointed with myself and the whole situation.

And let me enjoy it for a while.



*means Senior